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"How do I know if it's really true yellow?"

Any true yellow redline car is a pretty good find, especially if it's in good
condition and not plagued with metal toning or "pepper spots".  Yellow was a
new Spectraflame color for 1970, but it appears that it was used on some of
the later production runs of 1969 Hot Wheels cars.  As a result, yellow '69
Grand Prix cars are pretty scarce.

Think you've found a true yellow car?  The only way to tell for sure is to
compare it to a few lime cars, or to put it side by side with other yellow cars.
Lime is often mistaken for yellow, but upon careful inspection, you can usually
see a tinge of green in the paint.  True yellow has no hint of green.

A true yellow Ford Mk IV flanked by a pair of lime Mk IVs.

Another toughie:  a yellow Lola GT70.

Sometimes the comparative method fails.  This Ford J-Car
still has me stumped!  The front appears yellow, but metal toning
under the paint gives the rear hatch a bit of a green tinge.


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