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Brabham Repco F1 (1969)

Brabham Repcos in British Racing green enamel (L) and Spectraflame green (R).

The Brabham Repco F1 was one of four open-wheel Indy cars released in 1969 as part of the new Grand Prix Series.

The Hot Wheels car was based on the Brabham-Repco BT-24, designed by Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac, and featuring a simple and lightweight chassis with a 3-liter Repco-Oldsmobile V-8 engine.  The car took Brabham to the World Championship in 1966, and won a second World Championship in 1967 with Denny Hulme at the wheel.


The Hot Wheels version of the Brabham-Repco, like the Lotus Turbine, is a tiny car and a very accurate reproduction of the real car.  It features a blue-tinted windscreen (as do all HK cars) and a chromed plastic engine with twin tailpipes.  As with all four Indy cars, the Brabham Repco was produced only by the Hong Kong factory.  It was painted with a variety of Spectraflame colors, as well as with signature British Racing Green enamel, and included a small "Hot Wheels" decal on the right side of the car.  (Note that some cars apparently missed out on this decal!)  A waterslide decal sheet was included in the blister pack and featured the #1  racing numbers of Sir Jack Brabham.

Most Brabham Repcos have black interiors, but occasionally white interiors can be found.  White interiors are most common in red Brabhams.  Aqua, purple and blue Brabhams with white interiors also have been found.  Early production cars have bearing (white hub) style wheels, while later runs have cap style wheels.  Some Brabhams can be found with a black painted base.

A red Brabham Repco with a white interior.

Brabham Repcos with clear windscreens and white interiors are prototype cars and are quite valuable.  Another very interesting and rare Brabham is the chrome "dinner car".  These were presented to Mattel employees as banquet favors circa 1969.

A prototype Brabham Repco in green enamel. (Courtesy of B. Rosas)

A chrome Brabham Repco "dinner car". (Courtesy of T. Gray)

The Brabham Repco was re-issued in 1974 as the RASH 1.  For more information, please see the Flying Colors page.

Brabham Repco F1 Color chart

red common
green common
aqua common
blue common
purple uncommon
dark green enamel
hard to find
copper hard to find
brown hard to find

A red-white interior Brabham Repco in the blister pack!

A nice group of white interior Brabham Repcos.

A Brabham Repco rainbow!


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